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Drum Assembly Winder

Product description:

IMAGIN Assembly Winder is a key product for excellence twisting. It has optimized vertical yarn path, two-side high-speed grooved drum, single-spindle control and electronic anti-patterning. So it will produce better quality yarn and more productivity. IMAGIN Assembly Winder is easy to operate and maintain with high efficiency.

Product details:

Assembly winder uses global leading twisting technology, applying to twisting process of staple fiber yarn.

Main Features:

a. Optimized vertical yarn path guarantees better yarn quality and less hairiness increase.
b. Double sides high-speed grooved drum, more productivity
c. Single spindle control, easy to operate and maintenance.
d. Electronic anti-patterning, using efficiently
e. Alternative: Overhead travelling blower, Separator


Drum Assembly Winder


Process Parameter

Machine Parameter(DW2-3(4)):
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