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Soft Winder

Product description:

Precision soft winder can set up the open loop and penalty ring include other different volume model.the product provides users with more choices,fast convenience of bobbin locking device can save time and effort,and the system is equipped with yarn tension automatically adjust module(BTSR),make the yarn volume density controlled ,besides PC system can make the length of yarn measurement accurate and stable.

Product details:

Precision soft winder has two forms,the main type is propeller winder ,another one is called Fork winder,which is the newest developed technology, the perfect form of picks can be made by this type.

Main Features:

a.Perfect bobbin appearance quality,stable inner and outer density
b.Speed up to 1200m / min
c.Higher pricision for length and diameter
d.Increase actual output by about 20% and improve efficiency
e.Professional winding solution, customized according to customer requirements

Process Parameter:
Machine model PW\FW
Count range Ne 6-200
Diameter of supply package 250mm
Diameter of assembled package 220mm
Type of yarn Staple fiber,Synthetic
Winding speed 1200m/min (Depending on the production process)
Machine Parameter :
Quantity 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 88 96
Length(mm) 2450 4550 6650 8750 10850 12950 15050 17150 19250 21350 23450 25550
Width(mm) 1080
Height(mm) 1545
Net weight(kg) 500 900 1300 1700 2100 2500 2900 3300 3700 4100 4500 4900
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